Winter is News.

Winter is News.
Woohoo, winter! One of the things I love about Melbourne over Sydney is the fact that there are obvious seasons. Every now and then I question my logic on this when the temperature is all of 1 degree on a Sunday morning, but I’m still glad for the seasons. Even if it’s for no other reason than an excuse to wear gloves and scarves, and own a big coat. Besides, too many winters in Sydney can lead one to being a little soft on the inside.

For those that pay attention, we have a new logo and a new website! Feeling pretty chuffed with how it has all turned out. I was looking to give things a little spruce, and I couldn’t be happier with the new logo and super clean web design.

We still have some availability to lease out the spare room. If you know of any therapists looking for treatment space, there is a fully furnished treatment room available for rent. Ideally, it would suit a sports oriented osteo, physio, myotherapist or massage therapist. 

Riding has had to take a bit of a backseat while the clinic takes it’s time to get find it’s feet, but I have been back getting some long k’s in the legs again. Just in time too, as the Woods Point Century is back on again soon, (October 2-4). Come and make a good adventure story of your own. Details on the FB event page (


The new Impact Massage cycling jerseys are ready to go. The design is up on Instagram and the Facebook page. One of these beauties will cost you $80. Get in touch if you want one, orders close August 10th.

There are still a few Impact Massage bidons floating about. If you’d like one, just ask when you’re in for your next treatment ($10).


Goals, I’ve had a few. It would seem that winter is my season for new challenges. Last year it was swimming, this year, it happens to be running. I never got a great kick out of being a runner when I was a kid, so I’ve been quite surprised as to how much fun I’ve been having lacing up. Pretty much all of my running has been on the trails not far from home. I find trails a lot easier on the body as I get used to running, and it satisfies the mountain biker in me. (A big thanks to my mate Chris at The Running Company in Clifton Hill for his knowledge and enthusiasm to get me trail running). Suddenly the idea of completing a 100km trail run doesn’t seem so ludicrous….

Online bookings. 
Online booking is one the handiest tools for a small business owner. No need to book during office hours, you can book anytime of the day or night. Save this link in your browser.
If you’re in need of a last minute gift idea, you might consider an Impact Massage gift certificate. I can easily email gift certificates to avoid the worry over an overburdened postal system. Everyone needs more massage.

Social Media.
I’ll never be a social media darling, but I do enjoy having a dabble on Instagram. If you’d like to keep up with Impact Massage and some of my adventures you can follow me on Facebook (Impact Massage) and Instagram or Twitter (@impact_massage).

If you find that you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, it is best to either call or text me directly (0404768067). If you prefer email, please email me directly (  I prefer not to charge cancellation fees, but I do need some notice to cover appointments. I try to be reasonable.

It feels like I’ve lived a full year already, even though 2015 is only half done. It’s been a year of putting the nose to the grindstone and the sense of accomplishment in getting this little clinic up and running is quite wonderful. None of this would be possible without the support of my family and friends. Make sure to remind the people around you how much you appreciate them. The people, it’s always about the people.


Scott “scooter” Vercoe.


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