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My goal in life is to have an impact on the world around me. Life is an adventure and through quality remedial and sports oriented massage, you can be in a better state to take it on.

Whether you are a professional athlete, highly active or just burdened by being desk bound, my treatments will help you get more out of life.


One hour treatments are charged at $85.

Initial treatments are 60min, 90min and 30min treatments may be available upon request.

Treatments may be available outside of scheduled online booking hours. Text to request.

Please note: Impact Massage has a new address as of October. I am now located at 132 Johnston St, Collingwood.

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Summer times, fun times.

Here’s the Impact Massage summer newsletter…

Summer has been roaring along and it won’t be long before the days begin to shorten noticeably. Hard to think that we are yet to see a day over 40, it’s almost un-Melbourne. I hope everyone has managed to find some time for friends, family and adventures over the summer. (more…)

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whistleBelieve it or not, this is not a post about bicycle riding. It’s about the magic of coaches. If you know one, or you have the good luck to be under the tutelage of one, make sure you let them know they are appreciated. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a coach, which was way back when I was a hockey player in my youth. I’ve been trying to learn some new skills and was packed off to a coach for some lessons. (more…)

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Snow fun.


Maybe I got a little conned, maybe I wanted to get conned. Normally the mention of bicycles and snow has me turning my back to the whole idea. I’ve done it. Too many times. I know how hard it can get. I don’t think there are too many things that have such a variation between the romantic ideal and the reality of the situation as riding in snow. It seems like it should be so much fun, all that swooshing and soft powder, beautiful sun, dappled trees, the imagination runs wild. In truth, it can often turn into nothing but a cold, wet trudge under grey skies with the ghosts of hunger and famine gnawing at your bones. This time, I got lucky.  (more…)

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Eagle country.

imageI’ve been back riding around the same area that belongs to the eagle that went for me the other day. Alas, he has left me alone, but I swear I can feel when he’s watching me. When you’re out riding these roads in the country, and especially in the middle of winter, the locals often peg you as crazy, which I only ever take as a compliment.  (more…)

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The Brahams Incident

Noojee1I’ve had the maps out again, and there has been a few loops I’ve been meaning to put together starting from Warburton. The idea came to me, instead of just knocking out one of these loops, I could spend some time exploring in and around to find the way that suited my purposes best. To some, this may seem like a whole lot of faffing about, but to me, it is the best excuse to head into an area and ride all the roads and byways around. The idea was to explore dirt options between Noojee and Warburton. I borrowed JG’s etrex to see if GPS technology and I could get along and headed out. On the way home, one of the wildest and craziest things I have ever experienced happened to me out there. I’m calling it The Brahams Incident.


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The 3 hour reccy ride.

photo copy

I love my back country rides. All day on the bike, away from traffic, riding with mates and exploring new roads and tracks. It ticks all my boxes and with some minor pre-planning the results can be spectacular. The girl and I had planned to head to Wye River for riding fun, but these plans fell through when the ringleader fell ill. We were faced with the decision to stay home or head out of town. With the onset of Melbourne winter, the subject of fireplaces pops up reasonably regularly. As time off from work had already been arranged, we decided a trip out of town was called for. Walhalla!


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The Alice

The Alice
The Alice

Alice Springs is an amazing place to ride and race. I was there recently for the Easter in the Alice Muster. This was a 4 stage, 3 day event hosted by the local MTB club, Central Australia Rocky Riders (CARR).

The race consisted of a 27km TT, a night race following the same course, a 45km stage and the last stage an 87km loop. I was just feeling stronger and stronger as the race went on. I started to find my race legs in the final stage and felt like I could have kept going for an 8 hour instead of just the 87km.

The atmosphere at the vent was very similar to any club run event, friendly. The low key vibe suited my sentiments well, some racers take things far too seriously. As it turned out, I was in the money. I led the single speed category from start to finish and ended up 6th overall. Not too bad for an old bloke whose prime was 10 years ago.

Im sure there was a point to this post, other than The Alice is a great place to ride, fun was had and someone gave me a prize. Oh, there it is, adventures and grand and you can’t beat local.

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I’ve been out doing a lot of riding lately, and not enough of keeping my website up to date. I hope everyone is launching into spring in good health and full of life.

If you’d like to try some Gravel Grinder type riding, I’ve put together a loop around Hurstville with the usual mob. Come along.

You can keep up with some of my adventures through the wonders of social media. Catch me on Facebook: Impact Massage or Twitter and Instagram: @impact_massage.



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New systems.

Impact Massage has changed locations.

I am now located in Fitzroy. I am working from Vigor Health and Fitness, which is a great space to be massaging in.

They say change is as good as a holiday and I might be inclined to believe it. With a new clinic environment to be working in, I have a whole new set of systems to learn. The challenge to adapt to new protocols and ways of doing things is definitely keeping my brain busy.

I’m excited about the potential this opportunity can provide and see it as a big step forward in providing sports and remedial massage to cyclists, the active and the athlete and expanding my own client base again.

Come in and check it out. You can still call or text me, or book online via the Vigor website.

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