The Big News

Impact Massage is moving!

After 3 years in our current location and 5 years in Collingwood, it is time to move on. My partner and I have decided it is time for us to relocate to a more rural setting for our next adventure. As of November we will be calling Mount Beauty in NE Victoria home.

In the meantime, I will still be treating in Melbourne. I’ll be back one week every month and treating from The Running Company in Clifton Hill (175a Queens Parade).

Setting up the clinic here in Johnston St after a couple of years working with Liam at Vigor has been a wonderful challenge. But all things come to an end, and it is time for us to move on and make the most of our new opportunities.


Life goals. After 10 years living in Sydney and 10 years here in Melbourne, it would seem that the goal of moving back to the country for a different pace of life is within reach. It may be just one more adventure, but it’s a big one.

Online bookings. 

Online booking is one the handiest tools for a small business owner. No need to book during office hours, you can book anytime of the day or night. My availability between here in Melbourne and up in the hills will be easily accessed via the usual booking system.

Social Media.

I’ll never be a social media darling, but I do enjoy having a dabble on Instagram. If you’d like to keep up with Impact Massage and some of my adventures you can follow me on Facebook (Impact Massage) and Instagram or Twitter (@impact_massage).


If you find that you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, it is best to either call or text me directly (0404768067). If you prefer email, please email me directly (  I prefer not to charge cancellation and rescheduling fees, but as a small business guy, I do need some notice to cover appointments. Our standard policy is well stated on our booking page, please do read it.

The future.

The future always starts from where you are and you wouldn’t be here without coming from where you’ve been. From the inception of Impact Massage, I’ve always been grateful for the support, encouragement and loyalty of my clients. It’s been a privilege to treat so many wonderful people over the years and I’m a lucky man to spend my working hours interacting with such a good mob. The people, it’s always about the people.

I do hope to see plenty of you up in the mountains having adventures and enjoying what the beautiful alpine areas have to offer.


Scott “scooter” Vercoe.


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