Summer Newsletter.

Summer times, fun times.

Summer has been roaring along and it won’t be long before the days begin to shorten noticeably. Hard to think that we are yet to see a day over 40, it’s almost un-Melbourne. I hope everyone has managed to find some time for friends, family and adventures over the summer.

The new clinic has been an outstanding success. The support and encouragement I’ve received has been quite humbling. As a therapist, I’ve never been busier. As a business owner, I’m constantly challenged and rewarded by having taken the step out to run my own clinic. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support.

As the business has expanded my client base has also increased. It’s now time to look for new therapists to help build a thriving hub for health and well-being. If you know of any therapists looking for treatment space, there is a fully furnished treatment room available for rent. Ideally, it would suit an osteo, physio, myotherapist or massage therapist.

Saturday Trading.

Impact Massage is now open 6 days a week for your convenience. With a range of opening hours covering mornings and evenings, and now Saturdays, there is surely a time we can find to help you.


There is still a few Impact Massage bidons floating about. If you’d like one, just ask when you’re in for your next treatment ($10). I am also looking at getting some new Impact Massage cycling jerseys made up. Let me know if you’d like one and I’ll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, keep an eye out on the  Facebook page, the new design will be posted up there with further details.


Goals, I’ve had a few. Last year I got back in the pool after telling myself I should for the best part of 10 years. It’s been a great challenge and the improvements I’ve seen keep me heading back for more. I’ve been roped into the 24 hour Megaswim which is a fundraiser for the MS Society. If you feel like supporting MS and laugh at the idea of a skinny legged bike rider pretending to be a fish, you can donate here:

Online bookings. 

The best thing since sliced bread. Save this link in your browser.

Gift Ideas.

If you’re in need of a last minute gift idea, you might consider an Impact Massage gift certificate. I can easily email gift certificates to avoid the worry over an overburdened postal system. Everyone needs more massage.

Social Media.

I have also started to find my way through the Brave New World that is social media. If you’d like to keep up with Impact Massage and some of my cycling adventures you can follow me on Facebook (Impact Massage) and Instagram or Twitter (@impact_massage).


If you find that you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, it is best to either call or text me directly (0404768067). If you prefer email, please email me directly (  I prefer not to charge cancellation fees, but I do need some notice to cover appointments. I try to be reasonable.


The year is here and already slipping away. After a hectic start to the year, my list of things to do has grown and grown. Here’s a reminder to take a quiet moment to reassess and remind yourself of the things you love in your life and the things you’d like to see or do more of. Create the life you want to live.

Make the most of it.


Scott “scooter” Vercoe.


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